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SPECTRE FILMING: Daniel Craig swimming in Morocco

24 June 2015 | SPECTRE

Daniel Craig in Morocco filming SPECTRE

Four star Palm’s hotel daniel craig swimming
Source: www.clicknews.co

Four star Palm’s hotel, were the cast/crew stays as well being used in the film.:

Four star Palm’s hotel daniel craig
Source: www.clicknews.co

Shooting takes place in Erfoud and Tangier with the main cast: Daniel Craig, Lea Seydoux and Christoph Waltz.

Four star Palm’s hotel
Source: www.clicknews.co

Second unit have already filmed exterior shots of the desert and for a train sequence; the Oriental Desert Express (Oujda to Bouarfa) in Oujda, as well as establishing shots in Erfoud and Tangier.

Four star Palm’s hotel
Source: www.clicknews.co

Near Tangier, Bond-crew have built a massive compound-set were Christoph Waltz’s character Franz Oberhauser lives.

The cast and crew were also spotted in Morocco’s eastern city of Oujda shooting a scene set to take place inside the train and are expected to shoot more scenes in the desert, in the southeastern city of Erfoud.

In the train sequence, there’s gonna be a big fight scene between Bond/Swann and a certain Mr Hinx (Dave Bautista).

Filming of SPECTRE wraps up July 5th.