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Mads Mikkelsen: Daniel Craig shouldn't be ending like this, like a big discussion back and forth

21 June 2016 | Bond 25

Mads Mikkelsen, who played arch villain Le Chiffre in Daniel Craig's first Bond movie Casino Royale, said to the "Digital Spy" he's not desperate to see the back of Daniel Craig.

"Let's wait and see. Let's see if Daniel is not taking that decision. We never know, do we?" he added

Asked if he vil be sad to see Daniel leave the role he said.

"Yes, of course I would. I did the first film with him and he was under such an enormous of pressure from everyone"

"I mean basically, he'd wake up every morning before anyone had even seen anything, with the headlines saying 'you suck', 'you're terrible', 'you're not right'."

"It must have been the biggest pressure for any actor in the world ever- and he just nailed it, he showed them. I think he's done tremendous work."

"He should not be ending like this, like a big dicussion back and forth, it should just be like, 'this is the one' and he should go out with a bang."

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