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Daniel Craig: No decision on Bond

19 May 2016 | Bond 25

There has been much speculation about Daniel Craig continuing as James Bond.

Reports in the past 24 hours have suggested that the actor, who’s starred in four 007 movies, has turned down a deal to make any more films in the series.

But separate, authoritative Bond sources have independently confirmed to BBC News that Craig hasn’t made any decision about his future as 007, and that “no decision is likely to be made for a while”.

MGM can't see Daniel Craig leaving the Franchise

Earlier this year MGM, which controls the rights to the 007 franchise, told investors that the series was operating on a three-to-four year cycle, which means that the next Bond film isn’t due in cinemas until late 2018 at the earliest.

The Sun writes that MGM Studios, which produces the Bond flicks, told Daniel it will push back the next movie to 2018 if necessary.

A source said to The Sun: “Daniel leaving the franchise at this moment is something MGM cannot stomach.

“He is a major draw and a key player in terms of raising money for the films. As Bond he has brought in $2billion.

Daniel Craig has yet decided on whether he wants to do another Bond movie.

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